2011 – Urban Mapping


2011 was a year of reflexion and new beginnings. The reflexion first focused on the Local Interaction camp and documented this in both a video and writing. One of the conclusions was to use an Urban Toolbox along with an urban process. See the short description here (in danish)

As a supplement to the Urban Toolbox we also developed the ideas for an Urban User Interface that looked into how to use technology for mapping and still keep it visible and present on street level. This is our proposal for the Social Innovation Camp in Edinburgh.

A blog – urbanizit.wordpress.com – went live with stories in and about the city. Many of these stories was presented in Oslo and discussed in a masterclass under the theme Activism in Architecture along with Liza Fior from MUF.

All of these things resulted in a project called Urban Mapping that tried to both include a process combined with physical and digital tools. Luckily it didn’t take long before it was possible to try all these new ideas under the new name CiTyBee. Read more on Urban Mapping here

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