Favorite rule – We contributed to this Zine style publication that focused on rules and how to bend them. Our case was the Danish law on planning
Urban Mapping in Hedehusene – 50 pages on the small town Hedehusene and also the CiTyBee prototype from 2012 – Danish.

Hovedgaden – 2 Zines produced as a part of the CiTyBee prototype in 2012. Simple black and white publications.

Urban Mapping – A collection of ideas for mapping and processes that led to CiTyBee

Spatial Agency – Other Ways of Doing Architecture 2011, Routledge, Contribution

Supertanker: In search of Urbanity – This article in ARQ is both an introduction to Supertanker – CiTyBee is an offshoot – and a take on describing our view on urbanity.

Urbane Brakzoner og Trøffelsvin – This Report from 2006 – in Danish – describes some of our earlier inspirations in Supertanker.

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