Our use of Stickers is linked to our mapping experiments. These include working with Yellow Arrows where the stickers had a unique SMS code. See a short (danish) movie here or read an article in NYTimes where our work is referenced.

We have an advanced portable printer so stickers can be printed out on the go. This is a more direct and fast way of communicating in and about public space.


First time we used it we were participating in the local market with a large map on a board that encouraged people to tell stories about places in Hedehusene.


The stickers would immediately document the stories – giving them some “weight” – and encourage people to comment on what had been said before them. A very simple way of showing how the same place can be seen in many different ways by different people.


On our tour through town we would use the stickers to tag the different places we stopped.


Or add QR codes that would link to stories that were documented on video. This one is a story about the nightmare of heavy traffic when they started to transport goods on big trucks instead of train transport.


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