Local Interaction

CiTyBee is an offshoot itself inspired by many of the experiments done in Supertanker. One of these experiments was a “Camp” – Local Interaction – that we held in 2007 as a way of starting a 5 year project in a social housing area in one of Copenhagen’s western suburbs.

“Local Interaction” set out to research the possibilities for ‘design as a positive catalyst in an everyday context’.

We had invited both local and international artist/architects etc and the 2 day workshop/Camp was a strong inspiration – also for the present ideas in CiTyBee.

Before the Camp we held a workshop with kids from the local school in order to get their stories and ideas. This formed the starting point for the Camp.

This invite outlines the intentions of the camp and this  program gives an idea how we structured the Camp.

Some of the sketches from the workshop can be seen here and a more thorough report can be found here.  Many of the conclusions in this report are the seeds that led to CiTyBee.


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