Super Site Specific

In a collaboration with a local theatre we played with the idea of making theatre more urban by making it Super Site Specific. We also wanted the workshop itself to be part of public space so thanks to Anders of Supertanker we got the different workshop groups out in public space like here on the train platform.


An early example of mapping in a very low tech and concrete way. Very fast to make and very useful for discussing our views on the town of Hedehusene.


One of the ideas from the workshop was to organise a market – mainly for building materials – to boost the DIY spirit of the town. The market idea would come back the year after – see more here


The other idea – and closer to Theatre was a local event where people in town could bring stuff on their trailers to a gathering where all the stuff could be exchanged. The trailers would be decorated and driven through town as a parade of local potentials….


See more Photos from the workshop here

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