After a paternal leave we (the group of one) decided to develop the concept of CiTyBee further. So a new website is in the making (and even a new name)

Just to sum up what has happened since last year:

Still working on the mapping tool making it a more porous way of mapping. Right now we work on a flexible way of adding or changing categories to avoid fixing the mapping process too soon.

We have been working with the program Actors of Urban Change as a part of the Robert Bosch Foundation  and MitOst in Berlin. As an offshoot to that project we have worked with Živa dvorišča in Maribor, Slovenia, And just recently made a presentation of CiTyBee as a part of an Urban Hackaton.

Urban Hackaton in Maribor, Slovenia
Urban Hackaton in Maribor, Slovenia

Last summer we were co-teaching a group of students of landscape and urban design in our favourite suburb of Copenhagen, Hedehusene. The course was focused on design in and for public/open spaces and building temporary structures in and around Hedehusene.

Presentation of the works of the students. On top of a heap of rubble from a demolished factory that once was the heart of the community.

The course was one of three – experimenting with new methods of hands-on learning in and for urban space. Before the design students, Hedehusene was visited by students of Social Entrepreneurship from the Copenhagen Business School and students of architecture and art from Holbæk Kunsthøjskole.

Some good time was spend travelling and participating in festivals and workshops: Urbanize in Vienna by the magazine derive, PlanBude in Hamburg by the people behind Park fiction, and Funding Urbanism in Berlin by Wonderland.

Urbanize festival. A walking lecture on safety and surveillance in public space. Even the police thought it was very interesting.

Apart from a new and shiny concept (and website) the future plans are focused on developing a number of learning methods and apply it all to the creation af a city laboratory based in the former coffee factory in Hedehusene.

The Coffefactory in Hedehusene - behind the happy design students
The Coffee factory in Hedehusene – behind the happy design students

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